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Our Story

Our Story

Attitude is important for a personality to stand out. And an attire helps build up an impression.

Here, at Designer’s Inn we find you the correct ‘attitude’ to create that desired ‘impression’.

We treat our clientele as part of our extended family and thus, come up with dresses, with a great sense of uniqueness, pride and beauty every time for them.

Instead of catering to masses we opt for something that is distinctive which you as an individual can relate to.Our motifs, embroideries and color palettes we create are all something that you can relate with .We also believe that each design carries a story and when you wear them you will feel as a part of that family.

Designer’s Inn has been around for last two decades and we are known for our commitment towards premium quality and being consistent and persistent towards our goal which is to achieve a perfect fusion of traditional designs in modern patterns and styles.


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